Unique HotFix has a huge line of pre-made design transfers and apparel options for your needs.  

Unique Hot Fix, INC uses the latest technology to turn your logo or image into a stunning custom rhinestone heat transfer. We have many items to choose from; Swarovski Crystal, rhinestone, nailheads, rhinestuds, and/or 18 other different types of hot fix items.

You can use Corel Draw, MS Word or Photoshop to make a vector image on the computer and send to Unique Hot Fix, INC.

In order for us to create a custom transfer we need to transform your image, logo or design into a rhinestone pattern. You need to pay the “Artwork Set-Up Fee” for us to transform your logo, image or design into a rhinestone pattern which is $30. We will credit the artwork fee back to you when you place a production order of 50+ pieces. If you want to buy less than 50 pieces, you need to pay $35 template fee. Since you pay template fee, you can buy 5 pieces from next order for same designs.

***** An “Artwork Set-up Fee” is required for each “design”. Each “design” submitted will be given an artwork number. When a production order of 50+ pieces (ordered at the same time in the same color) is placed, we will credit the Artwork Set-Up Fee for that design/artwork number. Artwork Set-Up Fees will be credited only one time. Artwork Set-Up Fees are NOT credited if a production order is not placed. A “production order” is 50+ pieces of the same design/artwork # ordered at the same time in the same color.

*****Many of our heat transfer productions are made in our facility at Houston, TX USA. Larger orders exceeding our US workforce are made overseas in order to avoid delays on delievery. Shipping can be originated from either Houston, TX or South Korea.

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